Nice Glass of Campagne

Trouble in Beven

So once upon a time there were these really lame dwarves living in this really lame town in a really lame valley in a really mountaing range. The town was called Beven and they mined a lot. One day they DUG TOO DEEP and kobolds got up in their faces and started making trouble. Torberra, Travok, Vondal, and Gurdis the initiate ventured down into the mines to remove the kobold threat.

Everything went pretty okay and no one died except a few kobolds so no one cared.

After that they hired some mooks from all over to come in and finish off the kobolds for them. A few dragonborns, a couple elves, and a minotaur showed up and they were valiantly led by Gruudis, the mighty dwarven templar. They ended up getting hoisted by some petards when they tried to play the dwarves and kobolds against each other and the party got split. Now Aeolus, the minotaur and Annastrianna, the high elf are stuck in kobold town with Horc the dirty nart.

Gruudis, Shadrial and Safaia the dragon born twins, Kevril the ghost-punching dragonborn, and Priscilla the shadow elf got flushed and are now stuck with Styg the gnome. Gruudis’ mighty band of loyal warriors faced off a couple of terrifying dragons that were in no way infantile. The won a great horde in that battle and are probably sharing like the best of friends. Probably.

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